💵 Fiat & Crypto Payments

Selling your Co:Create-issued NFTs for Fiat or Crypto

Fiat Payments

Co:Create contracts are compatible with Crossmint's NFT checkout service.

To use Co:Create contracts with your preferred NFT checkout service, please reach out to us in Discord. You will need to set up an account with your preferred service, and then register the contract with the service.

How to use

Find Crossmint documentation here: https://docs.crossmint.com/docs/payments-quickstart

  1. Sign up for Crossmint.
  2. Complete KYB.
  3. Register your Co:Create contract with Crossmint via their dashboard, selecting the custom contract option.
  4. Add the Crossmint payment button to your website or application.
  5. Begin accepting payments for your Co:Create NFTs!

Registering your contract in Crossmint

In order to use Crossmint's payments service with your Co:Create NFTs, you'll need to register your collection with Crossmint.

Video Walkthrough

Here's a step-by-step video walking you through how to register your contract with Crossmint.

Steps to Register

  1. Deploy an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 token via Co:Create and grab the value returned in the contract_address parameter. e.g. "contract_address": "0x2393dfe11a0c0fa1cbac5f4a01cc464d127b8663"
  2. Log in to your Crossmint account, navigate to Payments, and click "Register Collection"
  3. Enter the informational details about your collection
  4. Select ‘Polygon’, and ‘Import my contract’
  5. Select your contract type (721 or 1155) and enter your contract address from step 1.
    1. At this point, the contract should be verified by Polygonscan and read automatically by Crossmint. If for some reason this doesn't happen, you'll need to import the contract ABI. You can find the ABI by looking at the 'Contract' tab when viewing the contract in Polygonscan. If you still run into issues, reach out to us in Discord and we'll help you finish the registration process.
  6. Select purchaseWithNativeToken as the mint function and buyer_ for the recipient parameter.
  7. Review your information and click 'Register Collection'.

That's it! Now it's up to you to complete Crossmint's KYB & integrate Crossmint's solution into your application however you would like.

Crypto Payments

Don't want to deal with another vendor? Co:Create contracts also support crypto payments.

Leverage the Co:Create SDK to accept Matic or ERC20 payments for your NFT.

Reach out to us in Discord and we'll help you get set up.